Terms of Service

Ordering a Commission


  • I announce when my commissions will open on my twitter and my website

  • All important information will be linked to in said tweets or my website

  • If you’d like to commission me you must send me a commission form 

  • I am open to communicate via email, discord, twitter or deviantArt DMs

  • Changes to the overall commission idea can only be made if I haven’t started working on your commission yet. You can check the progress on your commission on my trello

  • Written descriptions are only okay for design commissions. Please have reference images ready!

  • To commission me you must either be 18+ years old or have parental consent. By commissioning me you agree to this and my Terms of Service and imply that you're acting in good faith. 

  • Commissioned pieces will be sent as a high res file to you. I do NOT keep the original files once you have received and approved the artwork. You have to save any artwork you got from me yourself as I'm not guaranteed to upload it to any social media platform or gallery.



  • I only do commissions via PayPal 

  • Payment must be made upfront 

  • I will not start working on your commission until the payment has been made


Usage Policy


Only I as well as my commissioners may use the artwork I created for them. The following applies to everyone:


  • You may post my artwork on any website as long as you properly credit me and link to the original source

  • You may not use my artwork commercially.

  • You may not claim my artwork as yours

  • You may not remove my watermarks or signatures

  • Alter my artwork

  • Trace my artwork


My Rights

  • I have the right to decline any commission without providing reason

  • I have the right to change my TOS at any time

  • I have the right to post my artwork anywhere I choose to promote myself as an artist.

  • I have the right to permanently delete any artwork at my own discretion.



  • Once my commissions open people will have the opportunity to commission me via my google form on a date and time announced prior via twitter 

  • I pick a certain number of commissions and generally pick those I like the best 

  • I will send you an invoice if I picked you and DM you to let you know that I sent it

  • I save commission forms even after I’ve already picked some out in case you’re still interested in commissioning me when I open again. You will not have to submit a form but you will however have to let me know via DMs that you’re still interested!

  • Time of completion can reach up to 3 months - wait time depends on how full my queue is

  • I send regular updates to my commissioners - the sketch, the lineart and colours and then the fully shaded and completed image

  • You may request bigger changes during the sketch stage and smaller ones during the lineart and colour stage. You can not request any more changes when the commission is completed. Please be absolutely clear with what you want when ordering a commission from me!




  • Refunds can only be requested if your order hasn’t already been processed / if I haven’t started working on your commission. Such refund requests must be made within 24 hours of the purchase.

  • I reserve the right to cancel commissions whenever I deem it necessary. You’re at a higher risk of having your commission / order cancelled if you are rude, abusive or unresponsive for a week or more unless we discussed this prior.

  • Only if I cancelled your commission may you receive a full or partial refund, depending on whether or not I have started working on your commission yet. 


NSFW / 18+ Commissions


  • You must be 18 years of age to request a NSFW commission or have parental consent. By commissioning me you agree to this and my Terms of Service and imply that you're acting in good faith. 

  • NSFW commissions and edits aren’t strictly marked as such in the invoice. An NSFW commission may be referred to as Solo or OCxOC 

  • You may request an NSFW piece with any of these OCs:

    • Bucky, Jolly, Queen Buttercup, Sam Cadwell, Oaklynn Dahlby, Jack O’Hare, Holly, Zinzi, Peachy, Tainted Cure, Mullock, Snowball Sallow, Triquetra, Orchid, Strata Sanguine, Gloomy Java, Citrine, Gavin and Scallion Sky

    • Noodle, Shamrock, Flo and Modig are preferred to be depicted in a threesome, but I may make exceptions. Cuckolding is out of the question.

  • A comprehensive list of everything NSFW related that I’m willing to draw can be found HERE

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