Hi there,

as many of you may or may not know I haven't been doing well mentally and physically for years, and every now and then I fall into a bad depressive episode and / or suffer panic attacks. I joined twitter as a means to find likeminded people years ago, but it's become a platform to spread misery, hate and endless drama. As a prepubescent child I may have found that entertaining but as someone who is just trying to fix her life I find it counterproductive and tiring. Needless to say I'd like to take a break from twitter again, as I often have done these past few years.


Yesterday on my vent account I stated that I consider quitting and I do - not because I hate doing art - but because I feel worthless as an artist due to my condition even though it's a hobby I greatly enjoy. I feel like I could do way more but I'm feeling trapped in my own head and it's gotten much, much worse these past few years to the point where I'm no longer capable of doing commissions out of self-doubt and hate for my own work - and fear of interacting with strangers due to my social anxiety disorder.

Long story short I've finally started seeking help for my issues. I'm willing to give therapy and medication a try, even if it scares the crap out of me and I still doubt its efficiency. But I aim to come back with the ability to do commissions once again in an effort to save enough funds for our own house, which will require me to do about 300 commissions. Obviously not all at once, but you can therefore expect them to open more frequently assuming the meds / therapy work at all.


Should anyone feel generous enough to donate you can do so via my ko-fi or, I appreciate any help I can get. I'll set up a progress bar for the funds below. We can only borrow very little for the mortgage, so we'll need about £15000 for the rest. 


That is all for now. I will still upload some art here and there, but I'll be using PostyBirb to upload my art in an effort to avoid twitter entirely. My OnlyFans will also still be active, as it is my only source of income right now.


Thank you for reading, and thanks for understanding.


- Hiccy

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